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Part 3: Loot & Inventory

I love the Din's Curse / Zombasite loot. It's one of the things that kept me playing Din's long after I stopped Diablo III.

What I don't love, however, is inventory management and scarce inventory slots. Of course, some degree of this is inevitable, but I think good games find creative ways to minimize it all.

In my perfect world, there would be no unidentified items, and you would have maximum inventory slots at the beginning. No pouches or bags or whatever. Just a big pop-up window with about 100 slots.

Accepting that that's probably not in the cards, here are some further suggestions...

1) Allow for some greater automation in item handling. For instance, most of the time I want to (a) pick stuff I want to keep; then (b) allow my clan pick of the rest; then (c) sell anything I can to other clans [but I usually don't bother with this because it takes too long and is boring] and then (d) recycle the rest.

You could have a single button that does (b) through (d) with a single click. You'd get a summary that says "3 items distributed to clan members, 1 item sold for 4 sp to clan guardians, 8 items recycled for 12 grindstones and 3 arcane essences."

2) Collapse all the different "bags" into one bag. Having four different bags doesn't add anything functionally to the game. Why not one bag, with however many inventory slots you want the player to have?

3) Allow auto-ID of items (for the required price) at any time. Why make the player go back to town for this? I don't mind going back to town because it's under attack, but I hate having to go back because my inventory is full or because I want to ID stuff (without having to click and wait for each one).

4) Automatically pick up crafting materials, quest items, food, and possibly healing potions. Just like money, which gets picked up automatically.

5) Have a single marketplace, where you can view all the items that any clan is willing to sell and for what price. This should replace the annoying offers by other clans to sell you some rusty knife for 3 gold pieces. Ditto for selling items you own to other clans. Of course, you could have the option to blacklist a clan so you don't trade with them involuntarily if you don't want to.
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