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Happy 4th of July! Woo! Patch is uploaded.


* Doubled base spell damage of all spells!
* Removed mana cost from Venom Might so that it actually works. Also, mana cost increase on poison skills is kind of meh, because they aren't spammed really. So, not a big deal.
* Fixed everything that Exovi pointed out on forum thread.


So, this is going to sound really anti-climatic... but.... this is the final or 2nd to final (at most) patch for this mod.

I say it seems anti-climatic, because well, this patch is only three lines long. And, considering how many behind the scenes hours were invested trying things out between 2.0.4 and 2.0.5... I really wish I could have produced 'more'. But, well, most of the things I tried didn't work out as I had hoped or didn't work at all.

Soooo, yeah. Overall I'm very satisfied with what I managed to accomplish with this mod. I mean, I feel like I furnished a kind of old-fashioned house into a super modern villa. My four goals on the front page have been achieved (more stuff, real difficulty, balance, reduce cheese). And, Zombasite feels like a completely different game with it added.

Anybody else is welcome to continue to work on it if they want, as I'm going to start working on other projects. I'd pretty much only do a 2.0.6 if there is some game/mod-breaking issue that really needs addressed.

As a final note, funnily enough, I've yet to beat this mod on hardcore yet! But, I will one day! (Monsters get SCARY!)

Best of Luck! And, see you all around on the forums! Enjoy!
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