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Default Shatter Bug or Bad Description?

Started playing -- a lot -- a lot of different hybrids. I stumbled on the fun of Healer - Ice Mage but...

Shatter Description and statistics just do not match the game play.

At Level 1

Shatter - If your victim dies from this massive cold damage, they'll become a grenade and explode, hurting enemies nearby.

At Current Skill Level (1)
30 - 40 Cold Damage
10 - 20 Physical Damage


To me the description means -- the initial victim gets hit with 30 - 40 cold and the others get hit with 10 - 20 physical. (It says if the victim dies from this massive COLD damage...)

But I tried it against an entire dungeon and the initial hit is (10 - 20) and the Grenade effect is 30 - 40.

At first I thought it was me -- but I went back through over and over again... and the spell effect is reversed.


Am I missing a patch? -- I bought it and didn't do anything to the game.

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