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Default Ack, game won't start

I've encountered a weird situation that must be something wrong on my end, but I can't get past the main screen without the game crashing. I boot up the game, and I can mess around in the menus, but when I press Play Game, I get a crash with an error message. I can click for additional details, which dumps a lot of info on the screen and says it'll list it in a log file. However, the log file is definitely not getting written.

Furthermore, when I tried to click on Resume Last Game, it suddenly went to grey, as if I didn't have any saved data.

The odd thing is that the game was running fine earlier today. The only think I can think that I did on my system is update a DIVX codec. My hard drive is occasionally squirrelly and sometimes wants to run through a disc check when I boot up, so perhaps this is a symptom of that. But I booted up a couple other games to see if the graphics drivers were corrupted somehow, but that didn't seem to be the case.

I reinstalled the latest beta patch, which seemed to go well enough, but didn't address the problem. My next step is to reinstall the game, but I don't see how to do that. Do I just download the demo and then enter my registration key? Or is there a way to re-download the full game?

Thanks in advance, Steven.

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