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Default are you thinking about buying Drox Operative?

This is for the saavy customer that checks the game's forum before buying:

After about 12 hours of playing time I can assert that the beta is already an addictive game in its own right.

I'm trying to think of a more successfully implemented space action-rpg than Drox...and can't think of one.

You might enjoy a trick I learned last night:

1. install fighter component. spawn 5 fighters

2. replace above component with interceptor component, spawn 5 interceptors

Now you have 10 total escorts...

There was an earlier thread in the Drox Operative beta forum that also mentions this and discusses whether it is an exploit. Not so, say some people, pointing out that there are area effect weapons that appear in the higher player levels that zap fighters pretty effectively. Not to mention the pain the arse of having to spawn/manage all of those escorts.
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