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Default "essential components" - randomized stats, but non-functional item

The one time I purchased a gadget from the "essential components" section of the trading window...this item turned out to have zero effect.

For now, I'm avoiding purchase of any non-consumable items in the "essential components" row of the trading window.

a. while trading at a planet, I noticed a ramjet drive (heavy slot class) component in the "Essential Components" list in the trading window - the top row of four components where I would usually see the consumables.

The stats looked very nice, so I hit space to buy the ramjet drive.

b. The ramjet drive that appeared in ship inventory was "close" in stats, but not exactly the same stats as what was still displayed in the "essential components".

Yes, that rights, purchasing this component did NOT remove it from the trading window on the left.

c. So I purchased another. And another ramjet drive appeared with slightly better stats.

d. Thinking this was some sort of "gambling" feature, I bought several more until I had the best set of stats, then installed that new ramjet drive and sold the rest.

e. However, my ship speed was NOT improved by this item. I sold it.

Curse me for not having obtained a savegame as I was running for my life soon after finishing the trading/testing and fought several hours trying to save a losing alliance.

Perhaps this is already reported, since I have a similar issue as found in ts
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