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that's right, I've also seen items with the ? symbol in the trading window as well. going to stay away from those as well...

anyway, so from now on my workaround will be: *if* the stats of what i just bought have changed, i will sell it back and not use it

in case there is a sticky topic for known bugs being considered, here is a list of trading bugs seen thus far:

1. uncommon trading bugs

a. items that vary in stats may be non-functional. an item just purchased from a trader/planet has *different* stats/bonuses that what is displayed, this could be a non-functional item. it is recommended to sell the item back.

b. items may show up as unidentified in the items for sale (i.e. show the ? character).

c. non-consumables should not show up in the "essential components" row of the trading window...but often they do.

I've not used the "held" items slots...why would anything be populated there if the player didn't move something there? anyway, getting off topic perhaps
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