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Originally Posted by Amberjoy View Post
Nope. But I sure am enjoying all the discussions. The game is way too complicated and stressing for my ol' brain to comprehend/follow and hard on my wrists. I only go so far in Din's Curse for the same reason. I like turn-based games best where I can relax, think and plan without worry about being wiped out by traps, bombs and dark agents.
I would say that Drox is a lot less stressful than both DC and DoP for the following reasons:

1. It takes you much longer to die. Since items, structure, armor and shields all take damage before you expire, there's plenty of time to react.
2. Most of the action is on 'autopilot'. You fly through space, and there's rarely a need to click on enemies -- pressing numbers will auto-target enemies.
3. There's rarely a rush to do stuff. Quests that are lost are generally not a huge deal. You can learn to ignore most quests and just look for the stuff you want to do. Once I learned to do this, the onslaught of quests became much more manageable.
4. Every planet is like a vendor from DC. As you go from planet to planet, you recharge every time. This means you don't have to survive for very long before your next respite.
5. Bosses seem pretty easy to take on, at least in the first 2 difficulty levels (which are the ones I've played through).

So if you had difficulty with game speed in DC and DoP, I think Drox should be much more manageable.
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