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Default these suckers ain't cheap but I bought mine here:

Yes here in Virginia the space shuttle flying around was a really big deal. What was sad was the Florida workers who spent literally decades working on the Big Bird...and now it is gone.

Whoops that's off topic...returning to regularly scheduled programming:

More on pacing:

At a "normal" pace with more than 6 species...the rate of events can get bewildering.

So when creating a game instance: set the game events pace to slow or very slow.

Agree with previous post, it is harder to die:

a) those "potions" are really strong and one dose will refill the shield, armor, or energy, respectively

b) got a mad huge posse after you? drop a mine and many will peel off to avoid the boom.

c) it's open space and not a cramped corridor...just swoop around and avoid any space "traps" and exit stage up/down/left/right, but *towards explored space* in the map. Escaping into unexplored space is a recipe for doom.

d) start a game instance that is below your character below (but not too low that you get no XP). Like: a level 20 universe and you are level 22.

Those self-destruct modules are my main concern. Wish I had a detector that would alarm me when I fly near an enemy that has one.
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