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Originally Posted by rjk2008 View Post
-Boss Encounters:
I didn't get very far in KU due to lack of time. However, since it seems to be more of a Zelda type game, I am hoping/assuming/suggesting that there be quite a few unique boss encounters if they already don't exist. Having only seen the first portions of the game I don't know if this is there or not, but if not I would highly recommend its addition. Part of Zelda's appeal, while being an rpg, was not number crunching and character improvement, but the story and boss fights (Alright, that is countering my previous argument of action games not relying on storyline as much..) are why it has left such an impression on the gaming market. And its uniqueness for it's time. Timing really helps.
There are boss fights. They just happen to all be farther into the game.

Originally Posted by rjk2008 View Post
-Map-based Level Selection:
One of the things I immediately thought of when I saw the level selection menu was that it would be cool if the levels were placed on a map. I'm a big map lover, as I like to be able to visualize where something is in relation to other things. In this case, it would be where the Ice Caves are in location to the first town, and where the Dragon's Lair is in relation to the Ice Caves, etc, etc.
I actually considered this a lot, but eventually decided not to do it because unless it was a linear path around the map it would be hard to tell what the current adventure is and what order they all were in.
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