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Drox lurker de-cloaks to chime in...

I am a huge lifelong fan of Drox Operative...and I have permanent mode of drop by to buy the latest Soldak games, play them for a while and then play a bit of Drox, then wander away with the ongoing wish for Drox 2...

In Drox I would play character after character only to run headlong into the late game universes where no empire has enough planet health or fleet power to survive and my ship feels way underpowered vs. the wildlife. Maps would generally end up with everyone dead and quest lines ended...however the journey to about level 80 is great. The bounty hunters are seriously deadly...and the loot grind is well implemented.

I would pay cash money instantly for a small expansion of Drop Operative that addressed the late game balance. No questions asked.


Drox Operative 2 is an insta-buy. An updated loot grind Drox-style and dynamic solar system/quest system would be standouts.

I also really need the anti-carpal tunnel configs that Drop has: especially: attack with spacebar...this saves me a ton of clicking!!!

But here's the thing. 2020 has several outstanding space roguelikes/space games, now and coming. If I was doing my dream job (doing Soldak badass games) instead of front end development I would be evaluating the following to ensure I was developing something in the same league:

StarSector Skill matters. Fleet composition and ship configuration is deep and matters, and once there is a solid quest content this will be the king of space roguelikes bar none. The mods already out are fantastic.

Space Battlecruiser. Solid difficulty and fun within the limited scope. Combat skill matters. Tactical choices on the map matter. Upgrade choices matter.

Starcom Nexus. Great implementation overall and has tons of future promise...hopefully will sell enough to evolve.

I could go on about other space roguelikes but the above highlight the quality level available now and how Drox 2 would be positioned.

Astrox Imperium. Have high hopes for this one.


There are some features from the fantasy genre that are worth considering to add to Drox:

The "skill constellation" feature in Grim Dawn: this allows tons of further customization that are outside of classes entirely.


I wish the Drox Operative 2 project total success! Just take my money.

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