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Originally Posted by ScrObot View Post
I love HuntingU's idea of you controlling a small "Drox Guild" instead of just one ship. That could be a cool differentiating feature from the original.
If you could have say 3 or 4 ships partnering on expeditions, with up to 3 acting as "NPC escorts" and you controlling 1 at a time BUT able to switch which ship you're actively playing that would be awesome. So the same "game engine" that allows players in other games to choose 2+ escorts and they have very basic instructions for how the AI plays them but allow hot-swapping which ship you as the player control.

This would allow a single player to run a "party" of ship-adventurers equipped for different situations and swap out direct control for different circumstances. Maybe open up a slot for this partnership every X levels if that sounds OP, so for example you can start out with 1 ship for 10 levels, then 2 until level 35, 3 to level 60, and 4 for the remainder of the game. Or something similar. All the ships would need to be the same minimum level to participate. Gives you a lot of reason to make different builds in the start of the game so you can partner them later on for the more complicated/harder levels.
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