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Originally Posted by incognoscente View Post
One thing I miss from Depths of Peril is the single-click attacking (i.e., click an enemy once and the avatar will continue attacking the enemy without extra clicks or the player having to hold down left-mouse the whole time). Can you add an option for that? I would much appreciate it.
I second this. I didn't notice that there was a difference until I began fighting critters that took more than one swing to kill. The 'single-click-until-it's-dead' method employed by Depths of Peril--an innovation that I've yet to see any other game implement--was far more intuitive and far less of a strain on my forefinger.

I'll have some more beta impressions soon, but this was the first thing that struck me as 'off.' Otherwise, I'm having a blast. This is a fine return to form, Steven. I realize that Kivi's Underworld was a popular game with admittedly higher production values than DoP and that many people enjoyed it, but it didn't manage to ensnare me like Soldak's initial offering did.

Din's Curse, on the other hand, appears to be right up my alley. Tell Delilah that she was right. (She responded to a PM from me last year predicting that a lot of your DoP fanbase would be returning for Din's Curse, and that we'd like what we saw. I am in awe of her prognosticative prowess!)
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