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Maybe I'm just a glutten for content. But, I figured I'd give some more ideas for the game that I love so much! I don't expect any of this to get implemented, but I can dream right?

Remove Dem Caps

Remove the cap on player levels, items levels and mutations! ^^. Let's see level 200! I'm ready for the nearly impossible grind of 1 billion experience to reach level 200, lol.

More Content in Higher Difficulty Modes

As you enter the ultimate difficulty modes, the higher the difficulty, the greater the spawn chance for rare rooms like 'Utopia's' and higher rarity monsters. For example, at level 200, Demigod's begin to roam the world.

(I know I kind of do this in my mod, but it would be neat for the base game to have a feature like this. And, by locking it to level 100+, it wouldn't really mess with the game balance, while adding some content to the Ultimate tiers of difficulty.)

Veteran's Mode

A difficulty mode preset that can't be changed once your create a character.

* Locks area size to normal.
* All levels unconnected
* Hardcore
* Permanent mutations
* 3x scaling rate on monster health and damage.
* Overrun.
* Very fast pace.
* Gold acquired from all sources is reduced by 80%.

Big Content For End Game

Special item tiers that drop only in the highest difficulties coupled with a minor rework to the Ultimate difficulties.

Ultimate 1 - 125 - Supreme Items.
Ultimate II - 150 - Sacred Items
Ultimate II - 175 - Uber Items
Ultimate IV - 200 - Divine Items

I honestly don't think that the level ranges for Ultimate difficulties is a very good implementation for Din's Legacy. If you are going to run the ultimate difficulties, you're either going to run something like area level 110 or 200. You're pretty much never going to care about 125, 150, 175, etc., unless you're playing a hardcore character and testing the waters before going up to the next higher difficulty. As such, I recommend just making each ultimate tier a fixed level and buffing up the strength of monsters to some degree of power.

Perhaps the interface could be changed to just being a button to select an ultimate level, and it describes to you what you can get by playing on that level. (like Ultimate 4 would say monsters are 10x stronger, have 10x more health, 10x movement speed and can drop Divine Items).

In regards to the higher tier items, they would effectively be legendary items but with mods picked out from special mod pools. So, right now we have 6.7% chance of casting level 25 haste on a level 100 item, but maybe Supreme, Sacred, Uber and Divine Items have a 6.7% chance of casting level 32, 38, 42, 50 haste? Or, the chance rate increases to 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%.

I would expect these items to be coded as being even rarer than legendary items, but not unreasonably rare (well maybe for Divine, idk). Again, the expectation is that Ultimate IV would actually be a truly challenging difficulty, so maybe you would get 1 Divine item per full area clear on average while having huge amounts of magic find. I also wouldn't expect any vendor to stock these items.

Balance Requests

* Make weapon attack speed effect cast time of melee attacks.
* Add weapon speed to jewelry, like cast speed.
* Add level requirements to end-game mail/plate items and weapons.
* Add strength requirement to shields.
* Reduce the quality of items held on vendors ever so slightly. Stocking multiple legendary items is definitely overboard imho.
* I really feel like you could get rid of the starting vendors in towns and just have the warmaster and apocothery sell random potions/weapons in limited supply. But, that's just me.
* Nerf 'Fall of an Empire'. It is currently the best scenario to farm chests on, since once you find one empire, you find them all, and then you can just raid them for good loot.
* Check that there isn't a bug for the spawning of certain mods in the game. I checked like 10+ shoe vendors and numerous armorsmiths for boots with the speed modifier on them... I found 0. I think that speed should have a fairly good spawn rate on boots, but again that's just me. (edit: finally found my boots after 2 minutes today! RNG IS RNG!)
* Mutation levels still roll-over back to lower values once you hit a certain mutation level (180+ at least)... giving infinite mutations and mutation points.
* Animal Control mutation is currently bugged, it's level is tied to player level and trying to take out points gives negative money and negative skill points.
* Brenna's Fireball was also bugged. It behaved exactly like the normal Fireball spell when I acquired it.

I'd probably have more to suggest about game balance if/when any of those changes get made (like nerfing Kodiak Strength).

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