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Some more as of 4/27:

* Give the ability to drop starting backpack if you replace the first backpack slot with a 24 slot backpack. (maybe make the new backpack undroppable at that point, unless replaced by another 24 slot backpack)

I also have an expansion idea. (I know, the game isn't even out yet. Yet, here I am!)

Din's Legacy: Legacy of the God's

Description: Convert existing altars, evil altars and blessing object altars into a formal item type of 'God's Altar'.

Clicking the items opens an interface where you donate gold to the gods (like the clan relations trade screen) (though, this would also be a good chance to rework the interface to let users enter a gold, silver and copper amount rather than a single integer).

At first, the altar only has one tab to let you donate gold. However, as you donate gold, different tabs might appear depending on how pleased the god is with your donations. And, the god may cause powerful effects to occur, depending on how much you spend. This strength and availability of these effects would naturally scale with the world level.

Example: Din's Altar.

He's a good god, so you donate 1 copper and this unlocks the 'Forging Tab'. The user clicks the tab and sees description of 'Increases Item Durability by 1' somewhere on the tab, a square box to put their item, and a 'Craft' button. At 1 silver, perhaps the description is 'Increases item max damage by 1'. And, at 1 gold, maybe a random affix will be strengthened on the item (not sure how hard that would be to code tbh).

For Mortus, you might donate 1 copper and it unlocks the 'Forging Tab' too, but this time it says, 'May strengthen or destroy an item.' And, the outcome you get for crafting in here ranges anywhere from cursing the item, destroying it, or increasing it's rarity up to Legendary (perhaps even beyond that if it is just adding an affix?). My idea with this is that the less gold you donate to an evil god, the more likely a bad effect will occur.

Honestly, I know that it what I described for Mortus would really fall under a 'chaotic god,' but I don't know any chaotic gods off the top of my head. More realistically, an evil god would probably just make a bad event happen to your enemies, whereas a chaotic god would have random item modifications, etc. occur. Though, if an evil god is displeased by your donation for any reason, they might still do something evil.

Good gods cause good events, and lawful gods are more expensive than their chaotic counterparts, but you would not have any negative chances for bad events if you donate to them.

Other effects could be:

* (Good/Evil/Chaotic Gods only) Spawning 3 good/evil avatars based on god alignment nearby. (10 silver)
* (Good Only) Good avatar as a follower for 5 minutes (10 gp).
* (Evil/Chaotic) Hostile Invulnerability Chaotic Avatar for 30 seconds.
* (Good/Chaotic) Activate a random waypoint (10 silver).
* (All) Give you a random summon (1 silver).
* (All) Kill a random machine (1 silver).
* (All) Drop crafting ingredients, items or gold (varies)
* (All) Apply a random effect to some item (from cursing an item to destroying it depending on how much you donate).
* (All) Spawn a waypoint nearby (1 copper).
* (Evil) Set an enemy town on fire (1 gp)
* (Evil) Smite an enemy clan (10 gp)
* (Evil) Start a war between two races. (10 silver)
* (Evil) Start invasions on towns, Zombasite style, evil god. (1 copper)
* (Good/Lawful only) Increase the rank of all monsters in the world permanently by 1 (3 times per world max). (100 gold)
* (Chaotic only) - Mutate you either horribly or wonderfully. (Adds 3 negative mutations, or adds 3 beneficial mutations.)
* (Good/Lawful only) - Bless you with 30 additional stat points. (100 gold)

This would make learning the lore of the god's in the game interesting to bend the effects that you get. And, it would create an amazing gold sink that I think this game sorely needs. Plus, it is just random, fun and gives players like me another way to min-max their gear.

A couple of ways to implement this is to just put a random altar in each town, that the player can donate to. In this case, the balance would be to limit how many times a player can donate in a given amount of time (maybe once a minute?)

Alternatively, if they are just found out in the wild, then set an overall use limit of 2-5. After you hit a limit, you get a message saying, "Your prayer is unanswered," and you take your coins back.

Perhaps there could even be lesser, normal and greater versions with access to more powerful effects and more uses, though I don't know that is overkill.

Well, this is what I was thinking of during my infinite free thinking time while farming level 100 on my character (level 97 at the moment). Just procrastinating. PEACE.
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