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its annoying that item names disappear in combat so you no longer click them accidentally, but your idiot minions name stays there so you can still ask him "hows it hanging" 20 times an hour. it should disappear like item names (what could you POSSIBLY have to chat with them about mid combat?!).

mind you ive been playing your games for a long time now (since DoP i think) and im going to say this for your own good.. your cursor sucks. there i feel better now. what a relief. like.. MAN that was cathartic! yea, the cursor is shit (and always has been), especially the way it changes shapes from pointing hand, to open hand, to sword, to lips. its probably the least accurate cursor i have ever used. it feels like several enemies are even smaller than it! the solution it obviously to fix it. old style cross hairs would work better OR just go with the sword and clean it up so more than just the tip will work as a click (half the reason i dont bother trying to melee anymore is that if you click and the cursor changes to hand so you "hit" with the palm it doesnt register).

the only other "gripe" i really have is that its time to actually up the graphics. 75% of the people who i try to turn on to the game/s (all arpg fans) say "when was this made?" because of them and never even get as far as trying the game (the logic being if they are going to play something that LOOKS this old they may as well just play titan quest, diablo 2, etc). the logic of keeping the visuals simple so the game can run on older (more) systems only carries you as far as people who own old systems. even people in third world countries are using multi-core processors now though. the vast majority of people who PLAY arpgs (and dont use their pc for facebook, spread sheets, emails) own hardware that can actually run .. ARPGS!

hopefully you have another couple decades of making these games in you, because we are all patiently waiting for and looking forward to drox-op 2.
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