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Reupping my requests/suggestions from the balance discussion thread so they don't get lost:

* Would it be possible to add a Min/MaxSpellDamageBase and Min/MaxSpellDamagePerLevel to put on items (similar to the way wands work, but not percentage based but rather base spell damage)? The spells themselves would then be able to modify by percentage. I'll try this out in a mod.
(EDIT: Actually I don't know if the spells will take their damage from the equipped wand currently. They almost certainly won't show it. I guess it needs more infrastructure work to make it feasible.)

* Also, a LevelsBetweenSkillCostRaises to act on BaseSkill's CostIncreasePerLevel (making the cost of spells go up only every few levels) would be great. If skill costs don't go up as fast, not as many skill points are needed. Again, I'll try this out in a mod.

* Regarding the armor/item stat requirements for things that don't have level requirements, they should go up faster. As you go up in levels, you find more and more items that supplement your stats, and they eventually exceed your own point investments. However, they're still linear as a function of your level -- they're just a much steeper linear curve. So just modifying the derived items -- SwordTwoHanded2/3 etc to have higher STATsPerLevel could be the best solution.

* Cast time boosts on items should be limited to a more reasonable level.

* The most powerful skills (generally AOE) in the game need a cooldown so they can't be abused with cast time boosts.
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