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Default BSOD bug w/reflected spells

Well, It's not actually the blue screen, but it locks everything up and I can't even ctrl-alt-del to restart. I have to physically turn off and on my machine. The situation is this (reproduced 3 times now):

I am fighting Ciglio, who has some kind of spell reflection ability (not just thorns). I throw a ton of Arctic Shards at him and he dies as they all bounce back at me. I run through my portal to heal up and either be able to take the reflected shards or else hope they just go away. It seems like they keep tracking me and if I waited long enough, they would come hit me in Jorvick all the way from Red Death. But I go back through my portal and start picking up Ciglio's loot, when a bolt comes flying in and tries to hit me. Right then, the computer completely locks up, constantly playing the Arctic Shard sound effect and with no ability to recover.

Sorry, no error message.

I know this is pretty obscure, but I think it's not too hard to reproduce and when I come back after rebooting, I normally have the quest marked completed, but I don't get any of Ciglio's loot. Bummer.
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