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Default DoP Balance Mod

This mod is currently experimental. The goal is possibly to eventually do something similar to what the DC balance mod does, but for now, this mod does a couple of things:

- Town gate is limited to being used in Jorvik and in dungeons. Other areas have gates you can activate, so they don't need the player's gate. This prevents many exploits.
- You can no longer offer junk you don't want to the races. You can, however, ask them if they want anything. This hopefully prevents some other exploits.
- A small bugfix for one of the bosses.

Grab the file here and place it in your assets folder.

--- Old post ---

OK so even though I'm still working on the DC balance mod, some people are really excited about the prospect of a balance mod for DoP.

I probably won't start doing this until I'm close to done with DC. Much of the work I've done with DC should be applicable to DoP: multiplier inflation, for instance, is just as rampant in DoP. Other things are very different -- for example, in DoP you're essentially expected to tackle mobs with a friendly NPC or two, which makes things very different and in some respects harder. The fact that classes are neatly separated, on the other hand, makes some aspects of balancing much easier.

So for now, feel free to post ideas you have about improving balance or your analysis of balance issues.

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