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Originally Posted by DeathKnight1728

Ive been analyzing and playing the classes in dop and like I was saying, things are very different. Like i was going on about the rogue, i believe i have an answer. If shadow was to make the rogue in future dop or even a patch for the 1st game, he should give the rogue a chance to generate mana for every deep wound caused. This would help make the rogue have something else to generate mana other than just a critical. What if you dont play rogue like a stealth class and want to go brutish rogue with strength. With that, you have criticals, deep wounds, and kills to give you mana. While not as good as warrior who gets, on hit, parry, block, and when he gets hit. He still gets a sizable better time with coming up with mana.

I would say that as it stands right now, here's the strengths of the classes with greatest to weakest-Mage, Warrior, Priest, Rogue.

The reason i think the mage is the best is because of a few things. First, the mage takes the rangers place in this game. He not only casts spells, but he can do it while running, which imo should be in dop 2. The mage also can do all this without generating mana like the warrior and rogue-a big advantage.

Warrior is next as even though he has to generate rage, he still can lob someones head off with a few shots at high levels.

Then priest as even though spirit isnt as good as intelligence, still can spam spells, fight somewhat and defend as well. Priest is alright they just dont do as much damage as mages.

Rogue is last. While a good rogue can do alot of damage, they are hard to play as. Ive restarted my rogues countless times as i just wasnt able to compete with other warriors. Im hoping that in the future, shadow will give rogues more chances to gaining momentum.

The biggest thing in my opinion, would be to make rogues much more viable and have more choices.

We cannot create a ranger class, but if it is possible, it would be great to make shuriken for rogue, thus giving another ranged character option. We can do this through taking the animation from stalkers and adding that to rogues, along with taking the picture icon from Dins skill and adding that. That is one of the big things to do as i feel that the warrior and the rogue are too similar. They are both melee and i dont think that 2 melees make sense as warriors already do melee better than rogues. If rogues had this i think that we could see much more viability for them. As it stands now, they are fairly weak in my opinion. Im not sure how hard this would be to do, but it would definitely enhance the game quite a bit.

Having 2 classes that both do melee with no ranged is a little monotonous.
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