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EDIT: Its not truly a balance mod but you could steal bits and bobs from this list.

Im still on my first playthrough, level 45 warrior, so take that in mind with these proposals I've been steadily noting for a mod. I didn't want to post anything too early before I've appreciated this game to 100 and experienced more of the other calsses but you forced my hand. I've totally stayed away from modifying the skillset as I wanted to tackle some base issues with the game and also transform it into my vision of what an explosive in your face hack and slasher should be.

Note that the the items further up the list can largely be interpreted as buffs. My reason for them is to provide the player with more to do and pick from which I'm then hoping can be offset greatly by the difficulty increases in the final section.


- Increase food drop chance
- Increase potion drop chance
- Reduce power falloff (increase total amount of power with skills at some later point)
- Reduce boss buff Thorns to 1-20%
- Can resistances make a boss unkillable for a mage?

The point of the mods in the flow section is to allow the character to reduce unnecessary downtime to a minimum, I know some sadists may find it more fun to port back to town and wait at the lifestone for 15 seconds but my simplistic mind needs constant action. Secondly I find it a broken mechanic to just click a gate for full health or to use the gate to throw a constant wave of respawning recruits at a thorns/regen boss as the only viable tactic (see next section for a counter to still using this against the now weaker bosses).


- Reduce item quality for covenants on spawning a new world
- Remove NPC recuits in wild (ie you cannot recruit a higher level NPC without being of an appropriate ability yourself)
- All NPCs: Increase health and provide slight health regen buff
- NPC Rogue: Reduce the modifier that increases base DPS without touching skills (eg the rogue still has access to an occasionally impressive lethal blow but doesn't rip through mobs with slice)
- NPC Warrior: Reduce base DPS and increase tanking ability
- NPC Priest: Allow the heal over time buff as an optional skill
- NPC Mage: No change?
- Reduce lifestone 'heal' %
- Possibility to increase NPC respawn timer outside of raids or killed by mobs?

I find it horrible that the covenants always have at least one set item and too often for my liking an artifact, I think half my equipment must have come from them even though I never abandon a world or race too quick to destroy all the covenants (see further down to keep incentives to destroying a covenant). NPCs, or rather the rogue and warrior and the stealth rogue in particular are too overpowered. The focus should always be on the character which is why I propose turning the NPC into simply a companion with complimentary DPS that can take a little beating and isn't always dying on you, I've reduced the lfiestone heal due to the regen buffs (and other healing buffs for the character).

Items & Rewards

- Major increase to item quality in reward chests after destroying a covenant or conquering a world.
- Trader item levels to 2 levels below and 10 above or equivalent if possible
- Increase trader item quality
- Increase cost of trader items (artifacts exponentially greater cost than common)
- Increase item quality of gambler (and cost to match)

Although I removed the spawning of great items on creating a new world I think there should still be a big incentive for actually completing a world successfully hence the better chests. I also find that traders TOO rarely have decent items, I know thats the way its always been in many games but I also think that grinding up green item sales and saving your cash for an exorbitantly expensive item that could almost bankrupt you is another fun avenue that makes the traders inventory actually useful.

Skills & Attributes

- All static skill numbers turned into percentages where possible (Hardiness = % of Vitality, Devastating blow does % of Max Damage or easily called number per rage, blockparry/defence skills now a % instead of +#, etc)
- Balance all attributes to be useful for each class so a real choice is to be made (eg for Warrior, Intelligence gives a much bigger element res %, Spirit adds + regen health or rage, for mage Strength adds +% armor, etc)

Just throwing this in as a very general idea, it would need a lot of testing but I think there are some seriously underpowered (or overpowered) skills that could instantly benefit. Is there actually a function to increase the % increase skills by an additional percentage per level, eg + 20% physical damage per level is now (+20%)+(skill level/10) physical damage?

================================================== =======
================================================== =======

You might right now be thinking WTF is this dude on? He's turned a satisfyingly punishing game into Hello Kitty Online, fear not, this next section is what makes it all worth it.

================================================== =======
================================================== =======


- Decrease event timer (ie more events more often)
- Quests at minimum 2 levels below to 10 levels above character
- Much higher chance of champion to legend mobs (eg harder difficulties of Diablo or elite mode of Hellgate)
- Increase mob difficulty modifier (see semi-official balance mod)
- Covenant levels set to +5 and aggression to hard/very hard as standard

I am thinking in the region of a 5x multipler for events. Over the top? Yes. I want the world to be chaotic to the point that losing the world is the constant rather than the exception. Actually more basic than that I want the player to actually pick and choose quests based on their merits, XP or do I save the steward who could give me more quests later or do I go and recruit this awesome priest with health regen but then lose the steward or have the monsters build too powerful an army to attack the town? With your better 'flow', gear (reward chests, trader, gambler, better quality mobs) and skills (more % powerful and a greater variety to pick builds from), you should be able to complete any task without being frustrated (sorry priests, will need to buff you later), the problem is you can't do them all and at some point something will give. Oh, and on top of all that you can't just pacify the covenants by setting them to easy.

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