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Originally Posted by Bluddy View Post
Do fire towers attack the town? I haven't gotten to that.
It's one of the random events. The towers are always in the zone right outside the gate (Grimalkin Forest).

Not sure about this one. There should be a penalty for letting your NPCs die. And raids would become endless if NPCs respawned faster (I think).
I got into a situation where food/potions rised to 22 SP. I completed one quest but the Priest was dead. There was a fire tower attack which wiped half the town, then food poisoning, water poisoning, and even the plague. I played I think at least one hour real time with no potions at all having to port in and out all the time. Yes it makes for rememberable gameplay but there's really a problem with the quest spawn rate. It's too fast so in town I always feel like I have to pause whenever I'm at a vendor. Usually when someone has to be rescued in a dungeon, I never have the time to clear a path there while so many other things are happening.

Was that because of the death penalty, or just because of the experience needed to go from 33 to 34? I think the experience requirements may be too high. The death penalty simply doubles the amount of experience you need.
Lots and lots of deaths. One giant lizard with 100% thorns. I tried, and tried, then gave up when I realized I wasn't levelling at all.

Do you mean unique weapons and armor?

Also, which class are you using, and which class accompanies you? I find that this makes a huge difference because warriors are incredibly OP.
Yes, unique items. Set items too. They usually have what seems like random properties that are completely bland like +1 this, +3 that +5 this. Nothing rememberable, and they're nearly always worse than the rare stuff I'm using. The only one out of my head that I used on recruits is a dagger.

I play a Warrior and a Mage but the Mage is the one that gave me lots of trouble. He's got Fireball and IceStorm. All is equip is average. There is nothing that has some really sweet bonuses like say, +20 INT, +100 Defense, or a special Mage only shield, or a special Mage only staff that gives a nice Defense boost, or a nice Parry or Block.

My mage is very frustrating to play atm but I'm kind of going OCD on this and refuse to start a new world Just gotta watch for that giant 100% Thorns lizard. >_>
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