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thx just tried out da bombs...i like their damage/radius/rate of fire and the additional "fly to point of cursor" whereas the emp immediately fires and affects all in radius of ship. nice range for the bombs. I don't like their flight time before the boom delay which keeps me preferring the emps for the overall DPS for really big fights. but i can see while you consider them so solid.

ah yes, I left out the lightning field i started using in later game for planet assaults

I would like to like, the beam and missile weapons...i really would, but they are just not equal to the area-effect weapons at this point. a "diablo II style chain lightning and piercing" beamer? yummm

...mirv or scatter pack (star fleet battles) missiles anyone?

...and now also all i want for xmas is an "alpha strike" hot key for groups of weapons...
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