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Default Top game mode at level 60

I managed to start a world in the highest difficulty level when i was level 60, and i suspect that that was because i have a level 75 recruit.

EDIT: Okay, it looks like the bug i'm having may actually be that it isn't displaying the proper version number. it's supposedly 1.010, which is before that was supposed to happen after killing draaien.
Player: alright, everyone, we're off to kill Draaien, the orc lord
Recruits: yes sir
Other covenant: (player covenant) is weak. ATTACK!
more covenants: we smell blood in the water, ATTACK!
game: the guilded coin are raiding (player covenant) the shining blades are raiding (player covenant) the black raiders are raiding (player covenant) (player covenant)'s life stone is threatened (at 75%)
Player: *&%#
Draaien: hey, where did they all go?
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