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I'm not really too bothered by the "exploity" nature of stat swapping. What I find a turnoff is that command/ship slots are so overpowered compared to everything else.

I also don't like the fact that I need to dump stat points into something to get a better hull, especially when those stat points do nothing the majority of the time (don't get me started on levels where you lose speed and defense and don't get a slot, and get some trivial amount of structure instead, come on everybody knows that is a terrible deal). And after that... the fact that I have no choice but to use that hull (or a heavier one).

Let's just look at what you get for, say... 50 points into Tactical. 50% damage? Okay. At what point do modules stop giving weapon damage? 200%? 100% for dual weapon damage + shield modules? Is there any question over which is a better use of stat points?

What is the cap of defense penalty for the hull? Almost 900? What is the cap for modules that give defense? Twice that? Again is there any question over which is the better use of stat points?

I don't like this kind of choice because it's a non-choice. You know you're gimping yourself for some short-term benefit if you choose anything but a larger hull.

And hey sometimes I just don't want to have a larger hull because they don't look as good? Where is my choice there?

What I'd like better is if the command stat was simply done away with, the other stats rebalanced somewhat and hulls to drop as items. The hull should get better naturally with leveling. I know it's way too late for this to happen, and that kind of thing probably isn't possible with mods... but it's probably my one wish for this game, because the current leveling progression just feels un-fun.
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