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Default Adding additional levels to some basic skills

I wanted make the health-per-vitality, attack/defense-per-dexterity skills upgradable by adding a new skill like the one below (similar to other skills)

        Base		BaseSkillPerLevel
	StatChangePerAttributeChange	0.5
	Base		BaseSkillPassive
	BaseName	$$AttackBonus$$
	Desc		$$AttackBonusDesc$$
	TextureName	Textures/Icons/Skills/attackBonus.tga
	StatChangePerAttributeStat	Attack
	StatChangePerAttributeStat	Defense
	StatChangePerAttributeAttribute	Dexterity
	StatChangePerAttributeChange	0.5	//1.0
	BaseCost	8
	PerLevel	SkillBonusAttackPerDexAdvancedBasicPerLevel
But the skill works only for the first level, and does not increase the bonus for further levels... Is there a different way I should be adding this skill?
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