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Default Extending timers for guild quests

Shadow, I think it would make sense to release a patch that either doubles or triples the timers for guild quests. It would greatly increase enjoyment of the expansion.

To give an illustration: I was playing a game where I became closely allied to the Hive. I suddenly get a guild quest to destroy the Drakk, but I haven't even found them! I frantically have to search for the Drakk, passing one uncivilized system after another, which is quite challenging since there are no jump gates to use. Fortunately I have a Shadow ship so I can slip by undetected most of the time, but it still takes a long time to locate the Drakk. By the time I find them, I have only around 30 minutes left, and they have 9 planets. I simply don't have the firepower to take out entire planets on my own, and need to strengthen the Drakk's neighbors to have a chance, but there's just not enough time.

The experience on the whole was great, and highlights how awesome these guild missions are and how much they add to the game. The game was firing on all cylinders, as I had to consider which quests to take, what I could do to damage the Drakk, how to empower the other neighboring races etc. I wasn't just going through the motions, currying favor with whoever's quest I happened to solve. However, there was simply not enough time for this kind of scenario to play out. If I had 2x or 3x the time, it would have likely been doable, and the point is that there's a timer there counting down and pressuring me -- not the exact amount of time on the clock.
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