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Originally Posted by ScrObot View Post
Drox feels awful with the ARPG click-to-move setup. There are a few options (Thruster toggle = on, Thruster disengage = off, Thruster cursor = off) that make this work like you'd expect. Though there is no "strafe" or orienting yourself in a different direction than you're moving (in Drox 1 at least), using A and D to steer while zooming around feels right. And there's wasn't really any defensive reason to be facing any particular direction (no directional shields etc), though that would certainly bring about a whole separate layer of strategy if added.
a) A and D to steer with thrust on...hmm.

b) The game Battlecruiser has a fantastic directional shield game mechanic...but Drox has a sometimes insane bullet hell environment and I doubt I could:

- steer (even without WASD)
- fire
- use abilities
- AND slew a shield around

...all at once at the normal game speed and account for all the enemies and threat axes.

That comment above also casts some doubt on my suggestion for full WASD/strafe movement: that is a lot of cockpit workload for my poor left hand: WASD, number keys, and also any letter keys for other functions.
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