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So here are my suggestions for Drox 2, in order of importance as I see it. I try to focus on the weak points in Drox 1 and offer improvements.

1. The weakest part of Drox 1 by far is clearing out the maps to find essential things like race planets and gates out of the system. Compared to a game like Pirates! (sea is very similar to space), where you can just see the map and you're going someplace to do something, Drox has you spend an inordinate amount of time just to get out of a new system, or to find a critical planet.

My suggestion is to immediately show the planets of a race you've contacted when you enter a system, as well as the gates out of the current system. That may seem to give info away, but it's actually greatly reducing user frustration and improving QoL and enjoyment. There can be variations of this idea: you could have scanners showing you in general where planets are on the map, and energy signatures showing the general direction of gates and wormholes. Whatever it takes not to have to clear entire maps of fog of war.

2. The Command stat is disliked by just about every player, and doesn't really achieve its purpose. You end up having more crew points from items than from invested points, so command is always the best stat. This system needs to be reworked. My ideal system would give you a ship hangar next to your stash and allow you to switch ships at will: big and slow or small and maneuverable. It would also allow limiting chassis sizes on the biggest ships so they don't get OP. Unlocking of new ship options would happen by level, but perhaps you'd also have to buy them first.

3. There isn't enough info about the 4x game, and the text log is inadequate. The maps are the best interfaces for showing this info (much like the Master of Orion galaxy map). The galaxy map should show not just which race is where, but also icons showing how many planets each race has at each system, whether an attack is happening, etc. Mousing over the icons would give more details. The system map should show which race owns which planet, and mousing over the planet should give more info about it. The amount of info on the map could be limited by your contact, level of spying on a race etc.
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