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"Mowing this sector's fog of war isn't as fun as other stuff, especially when it blocks better fun", if I summarize correctly? I could go for generic type icons at the very least for various in-system stuff.

So if I interpret item 1: instead we'd like it if we have this physical gate sitting out in an uncharted part of the sector that I'm in. I suddenly get a bunch of quests that reside behind it and need to get to it asap. I should be able to see that gate on the tab map (or as an "edge icon" on my normal game view)...and zoom towards it.

There is a Sometimes Very Bad Event that I try my best to avoid: the surprise wormhole that strands me in unknown territory and I'm low on consumables or have a stuffed inventory. Yeah I think I would like it, after your suggested refactor, if I have at least: the locations and terminus names for the systems around me...
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