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I feel this idea is important enough to copy from discord:

- Finishing a game of Drox can become a chore. Rather than enjoying the perfect amount of dynamic experience, you're stuck in the same sector and just want it to end.
- I suggest that rather than having win conditions, you have victory points awarded for certain things. Get enough victory points (from combinations of activities) and you finish the sector. This allows you to finish sectors with multiple varied activities, rather than focusing on one narrow activity.
- Additionally, it would be nice to have the drox guild spawn multiple missions, and you be able to choose which one to accomplish to get victory points. This makes these guild missions far more useful and meaningful.
- It also fixes the problem people had with drox guild missions. Rather than them being negative (do this or you lose), which people tend to dislike, you get to choose which ones you want to do for positive victory points.
- This is a great (and fairly easy) way to distinguish Drox 2 from 1.
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