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Ah! Perfect, thanks. I dont know why I didnt look in systems, I had figured it would be something strictly planet stat related, and thus in the monster files somewhere.

Ive personally edited the values to 1500-6500, the idea being that if I have invested enough to get 100% radar range, I should probably be able to see a fairly large amount of the map. This does mean that with max radar range, I can sit inside of the star to see all of the stellar bodies. I have also edited baseobjectgate to have storeinworldmap 1, because it seems odd that it did not previously. (Known issue - hidden gates that lead to secrets are shown on the map)

Im open to comments on balance on this, but my personal goal was mostly - I spend too much time feeling like I am flying around in circles looking for planets/gates, especially trying to find that last race that is hidden away somewhere. Id like to not do that, and this puts more of a value on a stat I rarely use anyway, given that direct-fire weapons do not actually seem to care about attack that much. (honestly, this part should be changed imo, a 'graze' type hit that does half/min damage if you dont meet attack vs defense roll on a manual aim weapon?)

Is it possible to make radar range obvious? its currently hard to tell what distances actually mean. If the minimap gave a better indication of what was within radar range at some point (a different fog of war layer perhaps?) this could be less of an issue overall, giving greater knowledge and thus control about searching around systems.
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