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Hello @scrangos,

I'm going to respond to your post with some comments in the hope that it helps you look into the issues to fix yourself or others if you'd like. My disclaimer is that I'm not supporting the mod anymore and won't be releasing any patches for any reason as I'm working on higher priority projects (gotta make that $).


I only tested Venom Might with Poison Arrow when Exovi made his reports and it worked, so I kind of assumed it would work with everything else (because why wouldn't it?). I've no idea why it's not working with DK poison aura or blight.

For rouge's critical strike, it wasn't on purpose. One of the sweeping changes I made to rouge was reducing the cast times on skills to .66, so I just made that change without reducing the cooldown. I would not be surprised if there are other oddities in rouge as I don't play it very often (I think I mentioned in some old post here I don't really like rouge). Oops.

Both interesting finds.
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