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Originally Posted by Arrhtheis View Post
1. What are the purpose of torches in dungeons? Is it helpful to light them or is it just decorative?
It's mostly decorative. If there's a darkness machine, they can make a big difference to visibility.

2. Is complete level cleaning mandatory? Does it add XP? (if not I think it would be cool if it do)
There's an XP bonus but it's not mandatory at all -- you just need to clear the quests.

3. The 'crown icon' designating that a town is saved is blinking constantly. It's slightly distracting and annoying, especially when a town is saved while you are on dungeon level 5 and you still have a good half of fun slashing-n-looting ahead. Is it possible to make it stop flashing and just being there?
Later games have an option to turn this off. My UI mod turns off the annoying blinking.

4. I put the food-eating to the bottom right-click slot but it doesn't work as I supposed (just clicking the right button as it was in Diablo games or the like), it works only if I point the cursor on this bottom slot and then right-click on it. Is it intentional or did I miss something? If it is intentional it seems the very meaning of quick slots is lost when one must point on them first.
I've never tried putting food on that slot -- you're right, it doesn't work. It works for skills, but not for item usage. If you put the food in slot 1 though, you can press `1` to eat.
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