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Originally Posted by Arrhtheis View Post
It's a pity. I was ready to think that in such complicated (in a good way) game like DC torches should play a bigger role
I agree. The only thing that happens with torches is that some monsters put them out. I would have wanted to see some monsters dislike the light and run away from it.

Another thing I still haven't realised is how monster respawn works. It seems enemies respawn even on cleared levels after I went to town and back.
Usually, if there's a quest on a level, the monsters respawn there.

I checked your mods descriptions, they look cool but as for now I'd better restrict to unmodded gameplay while I'm still new to DC. Is there an option to adopt only 'crown icon blinking stop' from your mod though?
There is a file in there that does that, but I'd have to dig through it to find it. The UI mod won't change any of the experience. It's there only to improve the UI, moving the health bar and status effects where you can see them better, giving you more accessible quick slots etc.

I see. No item usage, alas. Maybe default hotkeys for health/mana replenish items are available?
No default, no. I usually place health in the 0 slot and mana in the 9 slot. In the newer games, if you run out of one kind of health/mana potion, another will replace it, but this isn't the case in DC.
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