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Originally Posted by Bluddy View Post
The UI mod won't change any of the experience. It's there only to improve the UI, moving the health bar and status effects where you can see them better, giving you more accessible quick slots etc.
Yes, I've seen screenshots. As for now, I've already got used to have Life-Mana-Stamina bars (in this order from top to bottom) in upper left corner, where they seem easier to watch being close to and on the same level with monsters lifebars.

Originally Posted by Bluddy View Post
The only thing that happens with torches is that some monsters put them out. I would have wanted to see some monsters dislike the light and run away from it.
Yes, seeing some monsters putting them out from time to time gave me a thought that monsters don't like torches for some reason. This reason could be that torch light increases your chance to hit (within the light radius, smaller from smaller torches and wider from bigger ones), or triggering some status effect on monsters that fear the light, or someting like that

As for monsters AI, another thing that made me think 'Wow, this game keeps amazing me!' was that monsters try to get rid of Healthstones/Lifestones! It's so cool that I rather have fun seeing these tryings than to feel angry at these monsters

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