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Another questions:

5. I just finished my first town and travelled to next one but still didn't go down to dungeons. Are dungeons different visually (using the different textures, models, templates) or just of different colors? I mean, are there only cave-like dungeons with boulder walls and no medieval interiors, Aztec-like swamp/jungle themed labyrinths, frozen or infernal abysses, or something alike? And are dungeon levels of the same town differ visually?

6. In dungeons a scary devilish voice speaks something undistinguishable from time to time. What does it say? Is it all meaningless or triggered by something or is triggering something (it would be cool)?

7. In food items descriptions there is a 'minus Hunger' stat (e.g. -6000 Hunger). It seems to imply that some hunger mechanics is present in the game. But I can't find any stats or other tracks of it.

8. When a leprechaun steals some money from you and then you kill it, do all of your stolen money return to you from its breathless body or some portion is stolen forever? (it would be cool!)

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