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A few issues I saw while playing:

1) During raids, all NPCs pointlessly hack away at their lifestone, even when its health is already zero. They should finish off the actual enemy NPCs so the clan actually dies. I suspect this is why a certain clan isn't dieing in my current game (only one NPC has been alive for several minutes, and two much stronger clans are currently raiding it).

2) I raided an enemy clan and killed them off, after which I warped back to my town. I still had a "raid" icon in the corner of my screen which I hadn't clicked yet. A long time later when I was exploring some other dungeon, I clicked the "raid" icon to "finish" the raid, which warped me back to town. Feels like letting a raid linger like this can be used as a "free teleport back to town during invasion". Sort of a minor exploit.

3) I love hitting space bar in the crafting station to pass to clan members, but in cases where the item is not needed by an NPC, I wish it was salvaged instead of dropped on the floor. Or at least I wish there was an easy way to say "give or salvage".

4) Rumors seem extremely expensive (40 silver for a well-planned rumor? I'm level 12 and not made of money!) I wish there was some other way to influence relations between other clans for a diplomatic victory.. is there?
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