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I know. But I would also like to see how:
- my cooks, butchers, etc... are affecting reducing the rate food is consumed
- my farmers, etc.. are increasing the food store automatically

Some of the information is available here and there, but I would like a screen that lets me enjoy how well my clan is running.


Something funny has happened in one of my areas. There are literally dozens (40+) level 6 recruits in the areas, and almost no monsters. The recruits all have 0s in their random picked skill, both utility (farmer, butcher) and class (exploding arrow, fireball)


When I moused over a boss's abilities, I saw "Incredible Poison Resistance +750% Fire Resistance". I did not have either attack type, so I am not could not check which was actually present, but it definitely needs to be looked at.


I keep finding possible recruits with 0s in their skills (everything but the skills that allow them to wear equipment) They have high levels, but it will take them a few to catch up with those clan member who already have advanced their skills. I think that no clan member should have skills lower than the what his level entitles him.

Compare the guy who has been watching my back since day one to the possible recruit. She would have been one hell of a addition, but her skills are all zeros.

No good deed goes unpunished...

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