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Default my feedback

My initial feedback from 15h of gameplay. :

Clan and clan base
-clan members need to have more "things" to do becouse with larger clan 95% clan members do nothing
-it should be vendor in clan base becouse for 15h of gameplay I noticed only 1 vendor so I dont rly have any money
-it should be clan "deposit" or "box" for items that we want to give to clan members ,and they should just be there not just tossed into the ground if no one want them, but they should wait there for for example new members
-more crafting could be nice

Food/hunting for potions
-they should have seperate timers
-maybe lower time for each of them
-it should be some alternative way of getting potions and food- for example crafting or doing a farm in clan base (another activity for clan members!)

Monsters&their damage
-flame throwers have too big damage

-respecting skill have TOO BIG cost, in this game I have hardly any money anyway becouse there are almost no vendors, so in the end there is close to 0 flexibility in skill respecting

sry for my english, its not my native lang.
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