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What in particular is killing you? The expansion added large zombie orc bosses, Orc berserkers and orc scouts, who notably can summon a group of orc berserkers. The berserkers and orc bosses are ludicrously dangerous at low levels and can fairly easily one shot you with an unlucky crit. The best way to deal with them is to hit them at range and do not enter melee range with them while they are enraged. Your death knight might be able to survive better since the dark templar tree has some really powerful defensive abilities in it.

Also if you are struggling you can decrease the starting level of new areas even further. I often play at levels at least 4 below my character level until I've built up a substantial amount of gear and clan buffs that make playing harder areas more feasible. The town raids are enemies sent from various locations in your area, so you can be raided almost immediately by enemies that spawn in a dungeon in the highest level zones of your current area.

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