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There's a druid skill for foraging for food from corpses. I don't know whether it should be kept or not.... certainly some hidden "rules" for what good critters for foraging are and which are not would be in order. Ork pork might be a new delicacy

There's a good bit that depends on how the zombasite spreads. If it spreads by bite, archers become far more valuable, especially ones with exploding arrows. But if it spreads by air/contact -- you don't want the exploding arrows. Mmm little bits of infected flesh everywhere -- not.

Also, what's the incubation period? Does a creature have to die before it turns? Is this World War Z (10 second incubation, bite only)? Because that was crazy they way they depicted it (it takes 4 minutes for the human brain to die of oxygen deprivation, but 10 seconds to become a zombie in that movie...with only 1 mention of a very few infected who take longer). I don't need the answers, I just think which skills/spells are useful will depend on what's going on in the specific scenario i.e. how the disease spreads and how infected critters act.

Oh -- And whether a priest/healer can delay onset or not -- we know they can't cure it...can they protect from transmission in the first place, or slow it down?
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