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Question Questions about D.O.

Hi all,

I played the demo and purchased the game as soon as it ended (at level 6). I copied my files over and am now level 14 and 10 hours into the game (as a Human ship).

I have a few questions I was hoping people could help me with:

1. How do I have multiple games going simultaneously? In other words, I want to create a different race ship (starting at level 1) and be able to play whichever one I'm in the mood for.

2. How do I get a pair of races to improve their moods against each other? I'm trying to do the "get everyone allied with everyone else" win, but one pair of races just have bad relations and keep going to war every now and then.

I actually have a lot of others, but they escape now because I'm not sitting in front of the game.


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