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Question Share your Wisdom my Friends


im new and have so much to learn in this game. Share your Wisdom with me. +I Thought thats a nice Idea for other greenies to look for tipps.^^
I have too some questions:

(im a german member so please dont judge to hard over my english *cough* Yeah i know Germans: to lazy to use more time for english lessons, but playing RPG Games and Spam Forums with there crapy english )

1) Was Shields useless? They live not very Long in Battles only a few Seconds but my Armor was very well in hold damage. + Shields regenerates so slow (around 2 p/s).

2) Crew - i have so much Stored for Equipment changing. I thought about Keep "only" the 12 best in every Ability - wow but thats much^^

3) Inventory - i must run to often back to a Planet or Store to put valuable (sell) or nice (Keep) items in, thats annoing.

4) Secrets: Curios, i found 3 but have no idea where i can found more. After using Google i know now the Blue Wormholes send you in a pocket Dimension thats secrets and some have a Boss inside. I too See some Systems with a $ sign means that here was a Secret?

5) Raiders, Bombers, Fighters, Interceptors. Comes more different Flyer later? Whats the Best one? I love the raiders so far. But i never understud why sometimes the tooltip say that 1 Bomber (same Level, both normal Items) was better then 4 Raider ships?!?

6) I won a Map as Legend (256 Points, the Challenge Mission, Needs level 36, all on war, the right Quadrant). The Herzog appears and Conquer 11 Planets and have 112 Ships (all was "small" ships) much of them dont shot on me only sits and let me kill em +there was so weak.

That was the Point i dislike the game a bit (quantity not Quality battles), every Ship Drops much Items and there was dozens of ships. Feel a bit overwhelmed.

I never do that in other Games bevor, but after the WIN Screen appears i let the Items and ships where they are and leave the Sector. I dont kill all the ships and sort the Items out. Maybe i was rich now if i do otherwise and have nice items, but it was to much and my Itemsbags was so full with Crewmembers.

7) Subraces: every Race have 2 Subraces? But some only 1 playable and 1 Monsterrace right? Or can i later unlock the monsterraces playable too?

8) Hey Developers why not make the Subraces Ships make a bit different?^^ Like other lights or a bit darker, brighter?

9) Exploring Sometimes i which only Exploring the Sector, but two things makes that hard.

1. Mobs^^ (maybe Cloaking Device helps?)
2. I can lost the Map for not Keep an eye on the things
3. MINES!MINES!MINES! Some maps feels to random Generated and was full of Mines. You cant move whitout run in mines and half your fleet was shredded. Oh very nice in BOSS battles. YOU fight an damn hard Boss and this MONSTER fly through mines and they not detonate -.-. But i cant follow him and hunt this Creature for the reason i run in Hordes of other ships and MINES!MINES!MINES!^^

10) Resistences: against (Radiation, Thermal, Kinetic, Explosions, EM) I have equiped Thermal and Kinetic. At the Moment i have so much nice Medium Slot Items that i not able to put a Flak in a Slot. +I have much nice Items in the light Slots so i not able to put a Explosion Resistence in a light one.^^ Whats the best Res Items? I think most enemys use Kinetic and Thermal Weapons very few use EM or Radiation. Yeah and much use rockets (Explosion)^^

11) Weapons: i Switch between Beam and Kinetik weapons in the heavy Slots +1 Fighter Bay. +Sometimes use Virus Weapons or this nice AOE Explosion Radiation Device wohooo.!!!

12) eventually later^^
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