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1) Was Shields useless? They live not very Long in Battles only a few Seconds but my Armor was very well in hold damage. + Shields regenerates so slow (around 2 p/s).

Shields and armor are good against different kinds of damage: for example, explosions do about twice as much damage to armor as they do to shields.

Also, it is much easier/cheaper to make your shields regenerate than it is to repair your armor, especially there are no friendly planets anywhere near. Also, ancient stations fix shields quite quickly for free.

That said, at high levels a single armor component can provide over 8500 hit points, while no shield component provides much more than 2300 hit points, even when boosted by a dynamic frequency generator.

Furthermore, Scavengers/Reapers/Infection can repair armor in combat at rates which no shield user can match.

And finally, there's a lot more interesting medium components than there are heavy components.

In my personal opinion, shields have their place on huge ships with 25+ slots - they are not indispensable, but they can make life easier, and maintenance cheaper. On lower levels, shields are definitely useful.

But on higher levels, and on smaller ships, armor is just better. Sure, you will be extremely vulnerable to mines and missiles. but it is easier to protect yourself from those, than it is to absorb the damage from an enemy armed with thermal weapons.

2) Crew - i have so much Stored for Equipment changing. I thought about Keep "only" the 12 best in every Ability - wow but thats much^^

Even on Command Zero ships, I find that by the time you hit level 60-70, keeping the best three crew per skill is enough to install everything. Given Tactics is too valuable not to max, this only mean 12 slots for crew members, and 10-12 more for medium skill boosting components.


This is getting too long. The rest of the questions will have to wait. Just play, you'll answer them for yourself.
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