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Thx for your replay and your right, the most answers i have found myself sometimes in a frustrating way.
The only Problem i have at the Moment is.

1. Armor Repair!!! The Game give the Scavanger, Reaper and Infection a very good Bonus (Overpowered in my Opinion) Armor repair per kill. I think it was to much if a Player was able install more then one Component of this tool, its like cheating. But one tool one a ship would help a lot.

Thank you for your answer i can stop now search a Item give me Armor Per Kill. I thought the other races can find some too.

2. Medium Slots. I Need a lot, there was by far the Best Component Slot Type. The reason i removed shields.

I Plan removing the Thruster from Medium to high and Put 2 shield and the Component give you +Beam and +% Shield on my Ship, + the Shieldmax Boosters (one or 2) in Light Slots i can reach 2200 Shields atm +60% from the Component should give me around 3500 Shields. Problem was for the thruster i must remove a Armor Part -.- im not sure about that, must think about it. At the Moment i say never, but sometimes i wished i have some shields on its very Expensive with Armor only. I come down from over 500k Chash to 350k and Stuck there. +Ist annoing how fast Armor depleats.

Armor Regeneration LOL never worth a try (on my Level +5,xx) was never worth put in any Slot, not even in light ones.^^ Regeneration is unbalanced i have now 3000 Armor and the best Reg was +5 so i must stay and wait 10min for a full Regeneration from my hull. +You never have enough free Slots for Armor reg in any other Slots then eventually light ones.
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