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This is because of the requirement to get quests from the warmaster, steward and apothecary. If you lose your warmaster, for example, you will lose access to some quests until you get a new one.

I do think there's a UI issue here. For the other clans, I can go to an area, then accept the quests with an asterisk, knowing that they're for my area. With the warmaster, I can't do that -- I have to hunt for quests with the exact name as the region I want to go back to.

Also, as much as I like the mechanic, unlike Din's Curse, DL is much more spread out, and you can spend a lot longer in the wilds. Getting back to base to get your next quests can take a while, and then you need to deal with the UI issue I mentioned above.

I think a compromise would be to allow getting quests with the old universal interface, but filter out those that aren't available b/c for example the warmaster is dead.


* Shadow, would it be possible to transition NPCs and the player character to a walking animation when they're slowed down? One of the things that produces the feeling of 'jank' is when you're running but you're slowed by an effect, so you look like you're floating in space.

* I was never fond of the ability to freely trade loot with other clans anywhere (from DoP). One reason is that your storage capacity barely matters anymore. Running out of space? Just open a modal, pausing interface and trade away. You have a huge income stream and not much need to decide what to take with you and what to leave behind. And you get relations boosts to boot!

Drox handled it very well, since you had to actively head to a planet, which served as the race's vendor, and allowed you to trade there. You couldn't just choose whom to trade with at any time.

An equivalent of the Drox version would be to turn any friendly NPC of another clan into a 'vendor' offering what the clan owns. You'd have to actually find an NPC of that clan, usually by finding the clan headquarters, and thereafter teleporting there. It would be a much more active decision.
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