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Default Dungeon Names

Here, I've attached several hundred. I actually had a thousand in the file, but it was bit bigger than the allowed attachment size.

Obviously, I just threw dungeony-sounding words together at random, and I didn't even check for duplicates, so there might be some. But this little exercise got me thinking: How is Din's Curse generating dungeon names now? Are they pulled randomly from a list, or randomly generated, like the list I just created?

But then I had a REALLY interesting thought: What if the dungeon names were, at least partially, procedurally generated based on the world modifiers? Like the way that items are named. So, in much the way that a sword which does fire damage and adds to your strength might be called a "Fiery Sword of Might", a dungeon in a world that has lots of rain and undead could be called the "Haunted Dungeon of Floods" or something.
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