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Started a new character.

So I go through the town gate, there's my nemesis. I'm level 1, I have both my clansmen with me. They both die in the first battle with him, I've got a bow so I'm able to pick off some of the reinforcements. He keeps bringing in reinforcements and drinking health potions.

I flee through the gate, and I go back and start from town. Guess what? The town gate brings me right back to the same corridor in which I was trapped with my nemesis. I'm level 2 now, but he's still downing health potions and calling in reinforcements faster than I can kill them, and I have under 10 minutes to find a follower.... hrm.

He should have a timer on how often he can call in reinforcements. Or something. A limit on the number of health potions? Or be banned from being in that first area?
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