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Wishing well didn't repair my alternate weapon.

Kelsey poisoned herself -- so I had to run around on a timer, and find the clue in town. I should have let her die

You can give unidentified items to your clan members.

The pace of the game is huge. Because of the paths through areas not connecting in a logical way, I was level 6 trying to get through a level 9-10 area (after going through through a dead town around level 8) to get to the other areas that were my level with quests I needed to tackle. Lost a half dozen clan members to infighting, unhappiness for being on guard duty, and in my party trying to get through higher levels with no gates nearby to keep running back to town and fix invasions.

Certainly more challenging. May need to pull back the zombie attack timer or something -- shouldn't be this challenging for a starting character. Or like I said before, the NPCs need to be a lot smarter. Or maybe a tad tougher.

A way to put out fires would be nice. Do ice storms/ice traps, etc. work?
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